The Distance

We are delighted to announce that our new album, ‘The Distance’ is now available from Folkwit Records. Produced by Steve Benford, it features the full band on a selection of original songs by Phil. Cover photography is by Max Langran, and artwork by Tom Partridge.

Tracks include ‘Time’s Dark Wing’, ‘Sky Gathering’ and ‘To Be Continued’, the latter co-written by Phil with Jamie MacRae and Grace Morton at Moniack Mhor.

 Here’s a few comments on the opening song ‘Time’s Dark Wing’

“Oh that is lovely. A good song and very moving performance. I am very pleased to have listened to that before bed.” – Teddy Thompson

“That’s a great tune. Prine & Van Zandt would approve!” – Roddy Woomble

“I love that song so much.” – Kathryn Williams


the distance coverFor words to all the songs go to the lyrics page.

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